It's Time For the Interns to Do the Rating


Want to know what your interns really think about your company? gives interns the opportunity to rate the companies which rated them over the summer, during a semester, or any other time they were forced to make copies and fetch coffee.

Students can register on the site and voice their opinions on current or past internships with the option of anonymity. Once the narrative is complete, the students then input a rating based on their experience at the firm. The company’s overall rating is then based on a five coffee cup scale, which is the average of all scores students have given the organization. The top-rated company on the site right now is XM Satellite Radio (with five reviews).  The worst-rated company is (with only one review).

Along with reviews, InternshipRatings surveys students about their salary, work environment, and networking opportunities while at their employer.

The real value of InternshipRatings comes from research. Prospective interns and employees can browse the site to learn what the experience was like and find out what it takes to be successful at the firm.

For example, one user reviewed the Walt Disney College Program and said that interns “work at Disney World in the resort hotels or the theme parks” and the best time to do it “is in the Fall when it is not as hot as summer and you get to be there for the holidays, which is when the parks are absolutely amazing.”

For added help, the site also features an interactive career advice column written by career services professionals, human resources directors and company executives. So far, representatives from Major League Baseball, General Mills, Pfizer, and Ernst & Young LLP have contributed to the site.

InternshipRatings is quick to note that anonymity is made available for those who don’t want to be identified giving a company a bad review, which should help the site considerably given the importance of a good reputation when applying for a job.

InternshipRatings is free to use and is being updated daily with more companies, making it a site well worth checking out for college students that are looking to find a job.