Look.Fo Makes It Easy to Send Google Search Results


TinyURL is the place to go if you have a long URL that you want to cut down for friends, but if you’re looking for a way to easily send Google search results to them without picking a specific page, Look.fo lets you send them an exact link to your query in a simple style: look.fo/your search query.

I had the opportunity to try out Look.fo and it works as advertised. The page’s design is simple and contains a search box that lets you input your query. Once you do, a vanity URL is created so you can copy it and send it along. You can also search on the Look.fo site by inputting your query, which then brings you Google search results.

I tried Look.fo out with something easy like “TechCrunch” and the site performed well. It quickly formed the URL (http://look.fo/techcrunch) and the Google search results it returned were what you’d expect—accurate enough for me to justify sending that to someone who wants to know more about TechCrunch.

To test it out a bit further, I tried a more advanced query to see how the URL was formed. At this point, I tried “introducing a puppy to a dog in your home.” Once again, the URL (http://look.fo/introducing-a-puppy-to-a-dog-in-your-home) was formed on-the-fly and the search results exactly matched what you can find on Google.com. (Again, as you’d expect, since Look.fo is powered by Google custom search).

Look.fo says it’s a solution designed specifically for those that want to send others search queries and could be an ideal research tool for Universities. I tend to agree on both counts. It may be simple and you can theoretically do this already with other services like TinyURL, but Look.fo makes takes out a step. It is perfect for Twitters, SMS messages, or mobile email, where brevity is essential.