MySpace Music Billboards Go Up In Los Angeles, New York

It sure looks like MySpace is spending a ton of cash on next week’s launch of the MySpace Music joint venture with the major labels. The first advertising blitz hits Los Angeles (Hollywood on Sunset) and New York (Times Square). The billboards feature artists Lil Wayne, M.I.A., Jonas Brothers and others.

MySpace won’t comment on how much these billboards costs, or what the total market budget for the launch is. Any ad buyers out there care to speculate on what these might cost?

The first two images above are mockups supplied by MySpace showing what the billboards will look like. The third and fourth are actual pictures of the LA billboard going up today that a reader took for us.

No word on when MySpace Music will grace San Francisco with its advertising presence.

The first TechCrunch reader to snap a good picture of the New York billboard going up tomorrow will get a TechCrunch tshirt and a big thanks.