Sharp didn't forget VHS, now marries it with Blu-ray

In Japan, Sharp today announced [JP] the release of the Aquos BD-HDV22, a combination of a Blu-ray and a VHS recorder. Yes, VHS. The device goes on sale November 25 and will cost $1,500 (at this point, availability outside Japan is unknown).

Next to copying their VHS tapes to Blu-ray discs, users are able to record TV programs and videos stored in the HDD (capacity: 250 GB) in these two formats. In addition to VHS, the BD-HDV22 supports BD-R/RE, DVD-R/RW and DVD-R DL discs.

Sharp plans to produce 10,000 units of its new Blu-ray/VHS recorder per month. The company will also roll out the BD-HD22, a Blu-ray only recorder (apart from that it’s identical to the BD-HDV22), on October 20 for $1,100.