Video: Wii hacked to run copied games, no modchip necessary

In a move that’ll surely cause a bit of controversy in the Nintendo Wii homebrew scene, a gent by the name of Waninkoko has released the above video of the Wii booting a copied-and-cracked ISO off of a burned DVD, no modchip necessary. Though it wouldn’t be all that difficult to fake a video like this, we have no reason to believe that it’s anything but legit.

The Wii homebrew community has always intrigued me. While there are occasionally frequently people who run in to yell “HAY GUYZ HOW DO I PIRIT ZELDA”, the majority of people who stick around seem to have an honest interest in just making their Wiis do cool crap. Be it that Waninkoko releases this to the masses, it’ll be interesting to see how this effects the community (and how aggressive Nintendo is about getting this patched out.)

[Via TehSkeen, Via Kotaku]