Rumor: HTC Dream (G1) to sell for $200?

It’s barely even lunch time, and the HTC Dream rumor mill is already churnin’ away at full force.

Just minutes ago, an insider involved with the development of Android confirmed to us that the HTC Dream will set you back just $200 bucks after contract. While they weren’t able to provide a sans-contract price, they did say that T-Mobile’s subsidization wasn’t very large.

Now, they’ve still got just under a week to switch things up, but with the oft-compared iPhone sitting at $199 and most rumors pinpointing the Dream to come in between 150 and 250 smackers, a 200 dollar price point seems plenty reasonable. (Plus, a price tag of only two Franklins might just make up for the fact that it’s not exactly the prettiest handset ever launched.)