TechCrunchTalk event will debate startups in Europe (Sold Out!)

We’re holding a little event in London tomorrow, “TechCrunchTalk”: a series of panel discussions focusing on start-ups and the investment climate. I’m delighted to welcome such internet stars as Michael Birch, co-founder, Bebo and William Reeve, chairman of the UK’s hottest search startup, True Knowledge, as well as some great people from the rest of the UK startups and VC community, listed below. The event will be followed by the TechCrunch/Seedcamp party. We pre-announced it on August 5 and announced the details on Sept 10 last week. BUT, unless you are already on the list you won’t get in. Tickets for both events are now sold out. Sorry about that – I’d love to be able to green-light everyone who wants to come – although at £15 a ticket we made it pretty accessible. I guess you just had to be quick.

However, watch out for our TechCrunch Party in Berlin on the 23rd of October, which will also be the official Web 2.0 Expo Berlin after-party. Details to be released very soon. Please email Petra Johansson (our amazing events person) about sponsorship packages. And just subscribe to the blog and you’ll be amongst the first to know the details…

Anyway, for those who are coming tomorrow, here is the low-down:

TechCrunchTalk is a TechCrunch curated discussion get-together for start-ups in the UK and wider continental Europe, which focuses on a number of current and relevant themes for the technology start-up community. Its aim is to generate debate and a voice for the technology start-up community, to identify trends, themes, issues, challenges and developments within the community, the industry and the local versus European environment.

The panels will be as interactive with the audience as possible and will have the following focus and panellists:

1. “Investment Perspectives”
What is the current venture investment environment for tech start-ups?
Stefan Menden, Associate, Straub Ventures
Salman Farmanfarmaian, Index Ventures
Sean Glass, chairman of Pikum and UK MD, Pikum
Paul Fisher, Advent Venture Partners

2. “European Perspectives”
What are the trends in Europe?
Toon Coppens, CTO & Co-Founder, Netlog
Ales Spetic, Managing Director, Zemanta
Joe Cohen, CEO, Seatwave
Jörgen Bladh, General Partner, Northzone Ventures

3. “Startup Perspectives”
What’s it like to be a startup right now in the current economic, cultural and competitive environment?
Alicia Navarro, co-founder, Skimbit
Alfie Dennen, co-founder,
Keld van Schreven,

4. “Startup Young Guns Versus Old Hands”
What’s it like to be a startup now compared to a few years ago?
Andy McLoughlin, co-founder, Huddle
Ian Hogarth, c-founder Songkick
William Reeve, Chairman, True Knowledge
Michael Birch, co-founder, Bebo

We’re very grateful to the following companies for their sponsorship:

Gateway2Investment, the g2i programme brings together the knowledge and experience of a robust consortium with a shared enthusiasm and passion for the growth of new businesses: Grant Thornton, Library House, E-Synergy, The Innovatory, Quotec and Pembridge Partners LLP.

Zendesk, providing on-demand Web 2.0 help desk solutions, deploying in minutes, Zendesk provides a complete support community portal that lets customers communicate directly with the internal help-desk

Heller Ehrman LLP, a leader in providing innovative legal services to clients throughout the world. With 650 attorneys and professionals in the United States, Europe and Asia, Heller Ehrman offers the full range of litigation, business and intellectual property capabilities needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

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TechCrunch Talk, is curated by TechCrunch UK & Ireland and organised by TwistedTree in association with rassami PR.