Leave Canary Wharf – Join a Startup!

You’ve packed up your desk at Lehman Brothers, rolled up that AIG umbrella and headed to the pub. But wait, there is still hope!

For years, one of the biggest challenges facing UK Internet startups (and startups in Europe generally) startups has been the competition for technical talent, especially the attraction of the City and financial services. It was very difficult for a venture-backed startup to compete with the compensation packages offered by the big investment banks.

Now, no-one wants to “stamp on the grave” of companies while people are losing their livelihood, but there is now an opportunity for startup companies to attract seasoned, technical talent. That means you! ;-)

So, consider joining a startup. You can read about them every day on TechCrunch UK and we even have a Jobs board, which is poised to explode I daresay…

A startup probably won’t offer the creature comforts of a job in the financial services industry, but it’s fun, there is barely any office politics and you get stock options to share on the upside. Plus, you get to work form home a lot.

[With apologies to Leavewallstreetjoinastartup.com ]