Maclaren Wheel Covers: You're a dirty, dirty baby

Maclaren invented the umbrella stroller and now, interestingly enough, they’ve invented one of the strangest, OCD-inducing accessories I’ve ever seen. They’re now offering front wheel covers for their umbrella strollers, an idea so strange that I just can’t understand why anyone would want this but, as Greg at DaddyTypes points out, this has been out in Japan for a while, which kind of makes sense:

And if there’s one thing I can believe about a country that individually wraps its marshmallows and that equips its public toilet with white noise machines to drown out the sound of your pee, it’s that wheel grime in any amount would be a huge dealbreaker for Japanese moms.

Please, friends. You don’t need this. Please. You and your partner didn’t gestate a lifeform for 9 months in the warm confines of a womb just to prevent wheels from touching your canopy.