MobileCrunch Giveaway: Kingston 8GB microSDHC Mobility kits

Being the nice chaps they are, Kingston has dropped off a box of 8GB microSDHC kits for our lovely readers. Each kit contains an 8GB Kingston microSDHC card and adapters for SD, miniSD, and USB.

We’ve got 5 to give away, and will be giving one away every 3 days until we run dry.

So how do you win? Comment. For every story you comment on during each window of 3 days, you’re entered to win. For example: the first window runs from 9/18 until 9/20, so any stories published on those days (including this one, and those from earlier this morning) are potential contest entries. If you comment on one story, you’ve been entered once. If you comment on five stories, you’ve been entered 5 times.

Only one comment per story per person is counted, though you’re free to comment as much as you want for the sake of discussion (Make sure you use the same e-mail address with each comment, however, or the contest bots will probably flag you as trying to cheat.)

There are a few small rule details after the jump.

The important details: Contest windows are 9/18-9/20, 9/21-9/23, 9/24-9/26, 9/27-9/29, and 9/30-10/2. Comments should be intelligible, so no going around and making a bunch of “dasdhashd i heart cake” comments. Winners have 48 hours to respond after being contacted at the end of each window, so make sure to use a valid email address and check your inbox. Winners drawn randomly from valid entries, and can only win once during the contest. Oh, and we’ll disqualify anyone who’s intentionally being a jerk and/or cheating.