TiVo: Give me Hulu.com access and I'll be yours forever

I have a proposal for you TiVo. If you give me Hulu.com access, I will buy your expensive lifetime subscription plan. The implantation has to be better than the lackluster YouTube support though, along with giving full and complete access through a browsable interface too.

You see TiVo, the YouTube access is great, but I really don’t want to watch babies laughing or unicorns prancing on my HDTV. I wanna watch Hulu’s high-def, or even standard-def, content because it was originally meant for, well, TV. You can even leave in the commercials ’cause Hulu on my TV would rock even with them. 

Hulu has full-length TV episodes, in high quality, of my fav shows. The site has Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, Family Guy, Fringe, and most the rest. Sure, I know I could download them and put ’em my media server, but you know what, I don’t want to do that stuff anymore. It’s a pain, but more importunity, my wife can’t do it. I want her to be able to browse TV shows like we used to with Comcast VOD, but with quality content instead of their pathetic selection.

Don’t get me wrong, the YouTube access is great; my wife and baby love the clips as neither one have explored Internet video sites before. As for me though, I have seen my fair share and am happy to watch the occasional clip on my computer. Plus, YouTube on my TiVo seems so limited as there isn’t a good way to peruse around the clips and if you are to agree to my propsal, which will have to change for the Hulu support. 

There will have to be a way to look over the content that is snappy but complete. None of the “Most viewed” or “Top Rated” limited shortcuts that the TiVo support relies on. Hell guys, I don’t know what it should look like, but you’re the company that came up with the greatest remote of all time. Someone around there knows something about UI. Ask him.

My hand is up high TiVo, don’t leave me hanging bro. You need to get Hulu on my box and soon. Seriously, if you do, I will buy your $399 lifetime subscription and be your best bud forever.