Apple recalls Ultracompact USB Power Adapter, but calls it an exchange program

Attention iP3G and Ultracompact USB Power Adapter owners-

Today, Apple made it clear that the little USB power adapter that came with our iP3G (first thumbnail after the jump or for those who bought it as a standalone product
) is defective, like, the prongs will break off in the electrical socket, which will then shock the living life out of you. Ok, it won’t actually kill you, but there is a chance that the broken prongs could cause an electrical shock. But this recall doesn’t affect everyone. Just those of us who purchased it in the US, Japan, Mexico, Canada and a handful of Latin American countries, which we’ve listed after the jump. However, if yours has a green dot then you’re in the clear.

Latin American countries where adapters were sold with iPhone 3G or as a standalone accessory:
El Salvador

Latin American countries where adapters were sold only as a standalone accessory:
Costa Rica

Said recall won’t take effect until October 10th, so you better not use that adapter until then. You can order your new adapter in one of two ways: take in your borked adapter and iP3G into an Apple store or order one online using this form. Now go and shock yourselves, so you can sue Apple. JK.