Review: Kensington Slimblade Media mouse

Mouse Review Week glides on with Kensington’s modest but successful offering. This is a short review because it’s a little mouse. Click below for pictures and a couple paragraphs.

The Kensington Slimblade Media mouse attracted me from the moment I saw it. Its design is straightforward, it’s easy to use and not overcomplicated. It works right away and with hardly any setup at all. It’s good-looking, compact, and the dongle is small enough to fit inside the battery compartment. The media buttons worked fine right away and the rubberized control surface is recessed just enough that it won’t affect mouse movement, but it still feels like it’s “right there” when you go for it.

What’s not to love? Well, if you don’t like nubbins then you shouldn’t get this mouse because obviously it has a nubbin. I kind of like it; it’s weird, but scrolling sideways is great if you do a lot of photoshop work. One minor issue is that the sensor is, bizarrely, all the way on the right edge of the mouse. Doubtless this was to accommodate the battery compartment, but why not the left edge? That makes it more responsive for right-handers, the reluctant majority (sorry lefties). I can’t say I was looking for pinpoint accuracy and gaming-grade responsiveness; it worked just fine, but I do think that having the sensor on the opposite side would have worked better.

Other than those niggling/optional problems, it’s a great little mouse. It’s about $10 more than I would expect, but it’s rare when I really find a product in which I can find no serious fault. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have one in your laptop bag.