New ‘TT’ series of Sony VAIO ultraportables soon?


There are some average to above-average tremors going around concerning a new series of Sony VAIO ultraportables to be announced on Monday. The buzz began over on the NotebookReview forums when someone spotted the above ads and was further researched by SonyInsider. These are still rumors at the moment, but the evidence looks pretty legit, especially in light of FCC filings that have been found.

The skinny so far seems to point to an upgrade to the ultraportable TZ series of 11.1-inch, sub three-pound notebooks. It looks like the new notebooks will be part of the TT series, which seems kind of odd but, hey, Sony’s never been known for awesome naming schemes. I’m currently typing this on an VGN-SZ650N/C if that means anything to anyone outside of Sony.

According to FCC filings, the VAIO-VGN TT series will contain three models at first — the PCG-4Q1L, the PCG-4Q3L, and the PCG-4Q4L — and the PCG-4Q1L will come with an EVDO chipset (I’d say it’ll likely work with Sprint, similar to other Sony models).

Hopefully this info will get confirmed on Monday or soon thereafter.