More photos of HTC Touch HD, size comparison


CNET Asia has some photos of the HTC Touch HD as compared to the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro handsets. While the Touch HD may look monstrous, keep in mind that the Diamond is almost deceptively small. Same for the Pro, except that its slide-out keyboard gives it a fair amount of extra thickness.


That, my friends, is a pretty gorgeous looking screen at 800×480. That’s the same screen resolution as the 7-inch Eee PC! The Touch HD’s screen, though, is 3.8 inches diagonally. Yum.


And here’s an in-hand shot. I’m hoping that the guy who took the photo has small hands. The Touch HD’s dimensions at 4.35 x 2.5 x .47 inches. I just measured my iPod Touch and it has almost the exact same dimensions except that it’s thinner at .25 inches. It doesn’t look quite as unwieldy in my hand. Example:


So there you have it. More photos over at CNET Asia.

[via SlashPhone]