Mozilla aiming for Firefox Mobile release before 2010

Ever since that concept video sprouted up back in June, I’ve been achin’ to put my hands all over Mozilla’s venture into the mobile realm, Firefox Mobile.

When Mitchell Baker published a list of proposed goals for 2010 that included “have an effective product in the mobile market”, many took that as the first mention of a tentative 2010 release date for the product.

According to her latest blog post, we won’t have to wait anywhere near that long. “We will ship well before then,” she writes, “The intent of this goal was to say: in 2010 when we look at where we are, it should be screamingly obvious that we’ve done this.”

2009 is going to be one hell of a battle royale for mobile browsers. With Firefox Mobile, Opera/Opera Mini, Skyfire, Safari, and the mobile release of Chrome (just to mention a few) all vying for mobile marketshare, browsing on a mobile handset oughtta be a whole lot better within the next year or so.