TechCrunchTalk video – Startup Young Guns and Old Hands

Video from the live video stream of TechCrunchTalk, a series of four panel discussions focusing on start-ups and the investment climate in the UK and Europe, recorded in London on 18 September, 3pm and 6pm GMT:

3. “Startup Perspectives”
What’s it like to be a startup right now in the current economic, cultural and competitive environment?
Alicia Navarro, co-founder, Skimbit
Alfie Dennen, co-founder,
Keld van Schreven,

And continues with…

4. “Startup Young Guns Versus Old Hands”

What’s it like to be a startup now compared to a few years ago?
Andy McLoughlin, co-founder, Huddle
Ian Hogarth, c-founder Songkick
William Reeve, Chairman, True Knowledge
Michael Birch, co-founder, Bebo