The ‘iYo’ concept aims to make charging gadgets fun


Normally my gadgets run out of juice at the most inopportune times, so it’d be a bit agitating for me to have to play with a yo-yo in order to charge them up again. But if I were a yo-yo enthusiast to begin with, the iYo would almost certainly be fully charged.

See, the iYo concept uses induction to charge a battery inside of the apparatus. You simply plug a USB-chargeable device into the iYo’s USB port and charge it up using the energy stored in the iYo’s battery. Of course, as previously mentioned, you’d have to make sure the iYo’s battery remained charged, which would require you to do a little “around the world” and “walk the dog” from time to time to put induction to work.

The iYo concept comes to us from Sweden’s Peter Thuvander.

[via DVICE]