Aussie school to launch iPhone game development course

So, you’ve heard the stories of developers making enough coin selling iPhone applications to swim around in it Scrooge McDuck style. “I love iPhone applications more than anyone!”, you thought to yourself, “I should make them!” So you picked up a book on Objective C and Cocoa, spent about 20 minutes with it, and then decided to dedicate your life to something that didn’t make your brain cramp.

If only you lived in Australia or near any of the European Qantm colleges, a lack of self motivation wouldn’t be a problem. For the bargain price of just $7,300 USD, you could join Qantm’s recently announced iPhone game development course.

But what about that pesky NDA? According to a representative from the school, either an NDA might be drafted up just for their sake, or Apple may be working on a new one entirely.

With places like Digipen, Full Sail, and the Guild Hall at SMU, this certainly isn’t the first time a college has offered curriculum based around game design. It is, however, the first we’ve heard of a course specifically focused on Steve Jobs’ fancyphone.