Laser pointers finally do something useful

It’s about time. The storied laser pointer has, let’s admit it, gotten pretty boring over the years. People have returned to a simpler time of retro pointing, using old yardsticks and their trusty, dusty fingers, and the last time anyone laughed at the laser-pointer-on-someone’s-face gag, the elder Bush was in office. So a big thank you is in order to Alpay Kasal for inventing a way to use laser pointers with projectors to play some old-school video games. The whole idea is for the laser pointer to work as a type of mouse emulator, so the sky would theoretically be the limit as it pertains to what you’d be able to do with this sort of setup.

It’s patent-pending, so the actual behind-the-scenes stuff hasn’t been revealed but apparently an outdoor test on the public streets is on the docket, so that’ll be something to see. Check out the above video for the system in action.

[via Gizmodo]