Leica drops monster 37-megapixel S-System pro camera

That is a lot of megapixels. Leica has been burning up the internet lately, what with its sweet F/0.95 lens, new M8.2 camera, and even a nice-looking projector. But this monster is surely going to generate the most buzz, especially with Nikon and Canon bickering over the megapixel count in their flagship cameras.

The new S-System has a 30mmx45mm sensor, which puts it in between 35mm and medium format, and allows ample space for 37 million pixels to do their thing with a minimum of crowding. It’s weather-sealed, has a nice 3-inch LCD, and a dual-shutter system for focal-plane purists. They say their autofocus system will be twice as fast as Hasselblad’s, and they intend the camera to be as usable as a mid-range prosumer DSLR. Sounds like they’re trying to be all things to all people, or at least all people with (I’m going to guess here) $50,000 to spare.