Nokia Photos 1.5 beta released, now with geotagging

A beta version of Nokia’s mobile media management software, Nokia Photos 1.5, has been released, complete with a visual overhaul and a handful of new features.

The New Features:

  • Picture/Video management support for any S60 device, digital camera, memory stick, or local hard drive
  • Automatically converts and compresses media for playback on your handset for the sake of optimal storage space usage.
  • View geotagged photos and video by location via the map view
  • Improved Share on Ovi support

The beta isn’t quite bulletproof yet, having locked up on me immediately after the initial startup. Everything went without a hitch after that, which allowed me to develop a bit of a crush on Nokia’s photo mapping implementation. After being scared away from the idea by a bad experience with Flickr’s solution for manually mapping non-geotagged items, Nokia Photo’s drag-and-drop methods make me want to give the concept another shot. If you’re running Windows and are looking for a solid photo management tool, give Nokia Photos a look.

[Via AllAboutSymbian]