UTStarcom Knick: It's like a Sidekick that makes your neck hurt

We only know a few things about the newly found Sidekick-lookin’ UTStarcom Knick: It appears to be heading to AT&T, and unless they get a handle on rotating that screen when the QWERTY keyboard is slid out, you might be heading to the chiropractor after using one. At first it seemed like a mistake in the promo shot, but even in the live shot Engadget dug up, a chunk of the on-screen text appears to be runnin’ sideways.

Besides head-bending view angles, a couple of specs also make an appearance in the shot, declaring Bluetooth, video recording, media playback and streaming, and GPS. Hopefully the lack of display rotation is an artifact of a prototype device – you’ll find out as soon as we do.