Animal and insect earbuds, the perfect gift for someone you don't want to hang out with anymore

When the emoticon earbud covers made their way out, I thought they were pretty cool. Sure, they were dorky as all hell – but they were cute. I bought my girlfriend a pair, she loved’em, and that was that.

Taking the same earbuds-as-art idea and spinning it the entirely wrong way, fredflare has begun selling earbuds shaped as ladybugs, rubber duckies, pigs, and … flies. The ladybugs and rubber duckies I can understand, I guess. And the pigs? Maybe some person with a misaligned fashion sense or who just likes the whacky and tacky. But flies? What the hell? Besides being an awesome way to proclaim that you don’t like someone and never want to be expected to buy them a gift again, why would anyone buy those?

[Gear Diary via Shinyshiny]