Google Android 1.0 SDK unleashed

If there’s anyone out there dying to delve into Android development who couldn’t bring themselves to start crackin’ away on the v.9 beta release, your moment of coding splendor has arrived. Alongside today’s T-Mobile G1 announcement, Google has released v1.0 of the Android SDK to the masses.

With this release, developers can trust that the applications they write won’t require last minute API compatibility modifications when the first Android handsets make their way to consumers come October 22nd. Though the patch notes detail a few API additions and bug fixes, it doesn’t seem like there have been any major changes since the v.9 release (Which is a good thing, seeing as that was the point of that release.) We’ll be tinkering with the SDK emulator, and will let you know if we spot anything.

With Google’s application Market launching in just under a month, there’s no better time to start cranking away at your potentially money-printing application. Well, I’m sure getting started a few months ago might have been better, but hey – better late than never, right?

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