Sony outs the Wireless, DVD and Input BRAVIA Link modules

Sony is aiming to bring back simplicity to its Bravia flat-panel TVs with Link Modules. These devices hook to the back of Bravia LCDs and add different functionally to the set, but allows the owner to use the same remote and menu system. These add-ons will be priced will with the 1080i Wireless Link (DMX-WL1) going for $800, the DVD Module (DMX-DVD) for $200, and Input module (DMX-SW1) that adds four more HDMI ports for $150 but they are a great idea.


Remember back before all those extra set-top boxes invaded and the only clicker was for the TV. That’s what these modules are going to facilitate and Sony shouldn’t be stopping with these three. Eventually, there will be a Tru2Way module that will replace your cable box and still provide all its functions without a cable card. Sony showed off that box at CEDIA ’08 so that day cannot be that far off.