Time to stop and smell the scented DVDs

I know I start a lot of posts by saying that I’m skeptical about this or that, but this time I’m serious. The people attempting to popularize the scented DVD will, I think, encounter same obstacles as those who are attempting to make scented laptops the new thing. What are these obstacles, you ask? That depends, are delusions obstacles?

Rub and Smell discs are created with scented inks on their surface that help increase product awareness and may also inspire consumers to make purchases due to their strong recall power. Multi-Sensory marketing has been deemed one of the most effective marketing types available for a variety of promotional strategies and campaigns.

Deemed by whom? The imaginary Smellmasters committee from Olfactory County? There are enough smells in the world already, people. My nose is one of the few things the advertising industry is not exploiting, and I’d like to keep it that way. And do I have to speculate upon the implications of these discs for the adult film industry? I’d rather not.