Commenter of the day: I hate Steve Jobs edition

Commenting on the new Microsoft commercials, Nate proclaimed his disgust for Steve Jobs & Co. His trust fund baby mentality doesn’t help. He’s got a good point though and Jobs handicap parking job above helps Nate’s point.


Should have said in commercial: “I’m not a Mac, I’m not a PC… I am part of the 90%+ of people that realize having the ability to update various hardware AND software components of my system in a true capitalistic American way by finding affordable prices from a plethora of sources for products… all without having to shell out hundreds extra for similar components from a fixed price, ‘preferred’ group of vendors is much better and I’m happy I chose to be a part of the majority and not some cliche cool group that my competitor thinks will win you over”… Oh and did I mention I am a person that gets annoyed when someone wants me to be brain-washed into believing I have to get any gadget with an ‘i’ in front of it…

I dislike Mac and their nose in the air mentality. Sure MS has become a somewhat greedy monopoly-type, but imagine if JOBS switched places with GATES over the past 20 years… you would all be crying foul because Jobs DEFINITELY wants to make a helluva lot more money for himself than Gates EVER did. End of story.

I am in the electronics industry and what Jobs and Mac have done with iPod integration over the past few years once they have achieved near monopoly status with MP3 players is absurd. Their desire for forcing folks in the hardware arena to be “iPod ready” and the amount of licensing they now charge combined with the “updates” that force more money into their pockets is far worse than anything MS has done.

Jobs is coming off equivalent to the rude, rich kid that drove a Porsche in High School, and ran for school President based on the merits that he could outclass the other, smarter cat. Gates was the guy that was nice to everyone, tried to help others studying, and probably rode his bike to school. The ironic thing is over the past 20 years Gates totally trumped Mac in terms of global power and completely dominated in overall understanding of entire business model with PRICE being an important part of it… Jobs struck gold with iPod that gave his company the cash it needed to REALLY play ball, but if it wasn’t for iPod, Mac vs. PC commercials would have never made it to your TV set the way they did.