Next Sony Ericsson Xperia handset probably won't run Android

Did you feel a small glimmer of hope that Android might be the next platform donned by the Xperia line when Sony Ericsson mentioned that the brand wasn’t tied to Windows Mobile? We’ve got bad news.

In Copenhagen this week, Sony Ericsson’s chief technology architect, Mats Lindoff, confirmed that while they had a few prototype Android devices back in the labs, they didn’t currently have any plans to bring any to the market. During an executive panel this morning, SE mentioned that followup devices to the X1 were already in the works.

Put the two comments together and toss in the fact that Sony Ericsson still hasn’t hopped onboard with the Open Handset Alliance, and it doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing an Android-powered Xperia handset any time soon.

So, what’ll it be: Symbian, or more WinMo?