The Mate – a stay-put mat & plate for your little one

Don’t have a kid? The Mate isn’t for you then chap, but you’re welcome to keep reading for some free birth control.

Feeding a toddler often involves place a plate of food on-top of a large tray and praying you don’t have to get out the mop. Generally, it starts out innocently ‘nough but eventually there is corn on the wall – even if you aren’t having corn, it still ends up there somehow.

The Mate just might help though. The center plate snaps into place on a skid resistant mat that might not be upset so easily. When it’s cleaning time, the plate pops out from the bottom only and the whole thing can be thrown in the dishwasher. The Mate might not improve your brats table manners but it will help with the whole bowl-throwing-‘cross-the-room thing. Yours for $20 and comes in three colors.

via swissmiss

(my kid is the top left - yup, the one picking his nose)