8 megapixel Samsung M8800 Pixon makes a real world appearance

Looks like LG isn’t the only one doubling up their entry into the 8 Megapixel market. While word got out about Samsung’s not-the-INNOV8 M8800 Pixon (previously known as the Bresson) handset a few days ago when a popular UK phone retailer put details up on their site a bit early, actual shots of the handset have managed to avoid making their way online.

Before any official word has really made its way out on the M8800, Russia’s Mobile.RU has managed to get their hands on it and have put it through the paces. Tucked between that 3.2″ 240×400 TFT Touchscreen and the 8 megapixel camera (w/ 30 fps video recording) is a Qulcomm MSM6281 chipset, Quad-band GSM/Tri-band HSDPA, FM Radio, an accelerometer, and 100 mb of internal memory expandable via microSD support. As UnwiredView points out: Wheres the GPS and WiFi?

European folk should expect to see it floating around next month at around 550 EUR.