Contest: We're Giving Away A Dash GPS. Just Come Up With An App To Make It Better

Dash GPS

Do you want a Dash GPS? We are going to give one away to the person who can come up with the best idea for a geo-aware app that would work on the device. (Courtesy of Trulia and Dash).

The Dash is a GPS unit that is connected to the Internet through a cellular data network so it can tell you where is the nearest restaurant, gas station or hospital. You can also download geo-RSS feeds and apps that tell you where is the nearest WiFi network or winery. In May, the startup opened up its API to outside developers. Some apps that have been created for the Dash include Trulia’s real estate search (handy when home hunting in the car), weather updates from WeatherBug, nearby speed traps from Trapster, geo-tagged Wikipedia articles, and you can even Twitter from your Dash (not while driving, please).

So how do you win your own Dash? It’s simple: think about some of the Dash apps you would most like to see and submit your best idea in the comments below. Bonus points if it is not one of the 80 apps already created for the device. Super-bonus points if you actually create the app. Deadline for submissions is Saturday at midnight PT. The winner will be selected by me. Two runners up will receive TechCrunch T-shirts.