Furutech's Powerflux Power Cord: New for 2008 with improved slam tickle on the high end

If you’ve ever experienced the frammel shake on the low end of some gold remasters you’ll understand why you need Furutech’s $1,800 power cable. As we all know, once you get past a certain shark wave threshold you have to pull back your amps or your watts will get in the way of the mid tones. By damping the whiffle on high tweets you can use this cable to ceramic-ally isolate the Yanni wave near the end of downbeats and, after turning the rhodium-plated rare metal conductors to the proper twist frequency you can create toroid waves which will cancel out interference from blenders, microwaves, and low-flying helicopters. If you care about music, friends, you owe it to yourself to pick this thing up.

via BBG