NVIDIA teaming up with MotionDSP to clean up your video

Remember that MotionDSP stuff we talked about a few weeks ago? No? Let me refresh your memory: it’s a process — extremely CPU intensive, I’m thinking — by which video data is thoroughly analyzed and enhanced, reducing things like noise, stutters, color and contrast issues, and so on. TechCrunch mentioned it as being a web service, but now the MotionDSP guys are working with NVIDIA to port the processing engine to CUDA, which they say has resulted in major performance gains. Point being, this may be something you can do at home now instead of uploading it to be processed remotely in their clusters.

They say “real time” is now possible locally but I’m sure there’s a resolution or bitrate limit on that; this won’t be for clearing up glitches on 720p TV rips, but you might be able to use it to enhance some of those YouTube FLVs or jittery iSight videos. Two more demo vids after the hump.

The video above shows MotionDSP stabilization.

Below, frame interpolation (great when it works, but interpolation can go horribly wrong)

Lastly, cleaning up bad exposure and noise (noise not really visible at this res):