Review: Scott Jordan Signature System

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I’m a big fan of ScotteVest stuff. Maybe that makes me a nerd, but it’s nice to have hundreds and hundreds of pockets – actually about 24 in each part of the “Signature System” – where I can stash all my phones and cameras.

The system consists of the Fleece 5.0 and the Quantum jacket. While you can put them on together, to do so would cause a shift in the Earth’s gravity, creating a huge black hole of nerd core coolness.

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Most SeV gear comes in black with red piping. Compared to previous versions of the gear, however, these newer models have considerably more fit and finish with nice zipper pulls and thinner pockets than previous versions.

The “system” costs $340 total. The fleece has 24 pockets and pull-off sleeves and a wire management that you’ll probably never use. You can place iPods, etc. in the front jacket pockets or the arm pockets and internal deep pockets are great for large items like cameras. I’ve worn SeV fleeces during winter runs and they’re warm and comfortable enough for most activities.

The Quantum jacket has a hood and 28 pockets. The pockets have a touch-compatible fabric that works with almost all touchscreen devices. It works as a winter jacket quite ably – I wore the previous version of this all last winter and barely got a sniffle.

What’s the draw? As someone who carries around multiple gadgets, being able to secret them all over my body is great while going through TSA checkpoints. The jacket makes a great hidey hole for travel as well, with plenty of close, closed pockets for passports and tickets. While $340 might be a bit much, the peace of mind you have when you know that your iPhone is hidden deep inside your jacket where you will never be able to find it again is priceless.

Bottom Line: Great gear for travelers and, potentially, outdoors buffs.