Teach your fish tricks, make friends

If you’ve got a dog, showing off any tricks they might know is an easy way to break that “Er, so, this is my house.” awkwardness that tends to bubble up the first time new guests come over. Now, imagine that instead of a dog, it’s a fish. Your new friends would smile and clap and, chances are, give you $20 dollars.

Unfortunately, training fish to do crazy tricks is rigorous work. That is, of course, unless you have the R2 Fish Training School Kit from ThinkGeek. You can use it to teach your fish to play sports, or go through tunnels. At $40 bucks, the kit doesn’t come cheap – but it’s okay, because you should have recouped your investment after boggling the minds of just two people.

Extreme fish stuntin’ video after the jump.

[Via OhGizmo!]