Toshiba's new SATA hard disk will make our notebooks even slimmer

Another Japanese company, another record. This time, Toshiba today in Japan [JP] unveiled the industry’s first quarter-terabyte 1.8-Inch HDD (MK2529GSG). The company’s new 1.8-inch lineup also includes 120GB and 160GB models (MK1229GSG and MK1629GSG).

The 250GB flagship SATA model spins at 5,400rpm, weighs 62g, has an average seek time of 15ms and boasts 3Gbps data transfer. It’s sized at just 54.0×78.5×8.0mm.

Toshiba said it plans to begin mass production in November. The company is the market leader in the 1.8-inch HDD segment since 2000, having shipped 60 million units.