LateCrunch: TechCrunchUK and Web2Expo create the mother of all parties for European startups

One of the issues with the development of a tech startup scene in Europe is that we don’t have one single technology cluster in Europe like Silicon Valley. For us, our “Silicon Valley” is a state of mind, not a place. Each country on the continent of Europe has many city centres where startups are spread far and wide. But there is no reason why startups across Europe cannot sometimes come together, network with each other and learn from each other.

So TechCrunch UK is throwing a networking party for European startups in conjunction with Web 2 Expo Berlin (21-23 October). The event will be on Thursday 23rd October, the last night of the Expo, and it’s going to be the official “after-party” for Web 2 Expo. It will start at 10pm and go until 5am, and feature a free bar, so you’d better get into training now. The details about the exact location remain secret for now, but since several hundred people will be coming it won’t be secret for long. We want this to be a cool, fun event for people to hang out with each other, meet startups from across Europe and start to create the real beginnings of an amazing tech scene.

And what’s the name of this event? “LateCrunch“.

We will release the first tranche of tickets on Tuesday 30th September at midday/noon BST/GMT. The details will appear here on TechCrunch UK first. So if you want to be the first to get a ticket then subscribe to the RSS feed, the official Twitter feed, or my personal Twitter account.

Attention Sponsors! We already have eight sponsoring companies for this event, and their names will be revealed on Tuesday. Some very interesting names! But there is still time to have your company associated with this amazing new event. So please email our event organiser Petra Johansson for the details about sponsor packages.

It’s a good time to be in Berlin – and there are lots of other things happening as part of Berlin Web Week.