Verizon packs 10 social networks into "SocialLife" application

Forgetting that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality, Verizon has packed the basic functionality of 10 different social sites into one little app they’re calling “SocialLife”.

Besides the loss of pride that might come from needing a ten bladed social site swiss army knife, the application will only set you back $1.49 per month and carries support for Myspace, Photobucket, Livejournal, AsianAve, BlackPlanet, FaithBase, GLEE, MiGente, Rabble and MTV Tr3s. Now, raise your e-hand if you (actively) use the majority of those. Myspace, Photobucket, sure. Livejournal? I still know a person or two lurking around those parts. But the last seven? Not to seem unnecessarily rough on the niche communities, but where’s the support for Twitter, Facebook, and other sites people actually use?

[Via IntoMobile]