Are camera phones poised to replace point and shoots?

How long will it be before we’re no longer forced to lug around both a camera phone and a full-fledged standalone camera, “just in case” something truly photo-worthy goes down? According to LG, not too long. At a round table event in London last week, the company’s head of marketing stated that he sees no reason why camera phones couldn’t replace point and shoot cameras sometime in the foreseeable future.

At the same event, Andy Glasson of DivX mentioned that the company is working for H.264 encoding/decoding solutions for mobile handsets, which could lead to HD video recording at some point in the future.

With the Innov8, Pixon, KC780, and KC910 all set to offer 8 megapixel shots, things seem to be covered on the resolution front. Until we start seeing photo samples to prove that they offer more than the blurry blue messes we’ve come to expect of camera phone shots, I won’t start packing up my pocket shooter.

[Via Pocket-Lint]