Citizen Review: Steel Series Ikari Laser Mouse

KG writes his Citizen Review of the Steel Series Ikari Laser Mouse, making us very proud and happy.

Well it’s been about a month now since I received the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse from the guys at CrunchGear. Between work, night classes for a masters degree, and various other things life has thrown at me I really hadn’t had much time to give the Ikari a thorough look until a few weeks back. By the time I finished writing my review Devin had given the Ikari a spin as part of Mouse Review Week. Since most of the nitty-gritty details are hammered out in that review, I won’t reiterate them here – instead I’ll try to address some points Devin had made.

First and foremost, the Ikari doesn’t look like any mouse I’ve ever used before, although the phrase “goth squid” never came to mind. Opening the UPS box and taking a look at the mouse I thought Biggs had gotten me good and had sent me a left-handed version; I was wrong. As Devin pointed out, it does appear as though it’s designed for a reclining grip (my preference) and the form nicely and comfortably supports the entire hand. The Ikari is a very light mouse and doesn’t come with any sort of tools to configure weight as I know several other high-end gaming mice do… personally I think this is a marketing gimmick and find that heavier mice only make you have to work harder to move it, but if you are looking to a heavy mouse then the Ikari isn’t for you. Overall the mouse felt like a natural fit to my hand comfortably resting my palm on the back end of it, and was light and extremely easy to use.

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