Tivo announces software to turn your PC into TV recorder

Remember back in November, we told you about Tivo jumping in the sack with Nero AG? Me either.

Later today, presumably in the afternoon when everyone is awake, they will finally announce the software kit that will turn your PC into a Tivo box. Set to launch on October 15th, the Nero LiquidTV/TiVo PC will retail for $199, but those with a built-in TV tuner can opt for just the software, which will go for $99. The kit also entitles you to a year’s subscription with renewal fees of an additional $99.

I saw the kit in action and it seems to work well. You can transfer video back and forth between TiVos and the system works just like your standard TiVo. It’s even a bit faster than the standalone box. Nero has been working in the TiVo space for a while now and this “offloading” of the software onto PCs was inevitable, especially since TiVo’s HD pickings aren’t very compelling to consumers (“Cable card? What’s that!”). The issue, however, is stuffing the cable box near the PC, something most TiVo users are loathe to do.