Apple in legal hot water in Norway because of iTunes DRM

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Apple is facing quite the legal challenge in Norway because you can’t play DRM’d, iTunes-purchased songs on devices other than the iPod. The law in Norway is such that, here, consumers have the right to play music on any device of their choosing. Since Apple’s DRM prevents this from happening, it’s being dragged into court. It has until November 3 to respond to the lawsuit.

The suit has been brought by Norway’s Consumer Ombudsman.

Now, we can sit here and hem and haw over the fact that, yes, you technically can play your DRM’d, iTunes-purchased music on any device in the whole wide world by simply burning them to a CD, but that doesn’t fall under the realm of “easy,” which is another clause of the Norwegian law. That is, songs have to be “easily” playable on any device, not just “technically” feasible.