Kind-of-wonky Nissan GT-R Transformer toys, transform and roll out!

Toying with the fragile memories of our youth, Japanese toy maker Takara-Tomy is working on an alternative universe Transformers line of 1:32 toys called “Alternity”. In this crazy backwards universe, Optimus Prime (or Galaxy Convoy, as he’s known in Japan) masquerades as a Nissan GT-R rather than the oh-so-classic Big Rig we all know and love.

As Autoblog points out, the new and improved Optimus is a bit rough around the edges. The car form (shown after the jump) looks surprisingly jagged, and the robot form doesn’t seem fully transformed. That said, the toys are made entirely of good ol’ fashion diecast. Do you have any idea how many times I was smacked in the head with the old metal Transformers? Because I don’t.