Laptops to begin shipping with completely unnecessary "Mobile Broadband" badge

Rehashing the idea set forth by all of those useless “Intel Inside” and “Designed for Windows XP” stickers that have been on laptops for years, 17 companies (including Asus, Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, Toshiba, and 12 other heavy hitters) have banded together to bring out a new and equally useless “Mobile Broadband” sticker.

What the hell is the point of these badges? Sure – go ahead and stick them on the floor units to help people determine which product fits their needs. Hell, jam a few in the box for the folks who can’t remember what’s in the laptop they just bought – let them go all Lisa Frank on their own stuff. But stop friggin’ sticking extraneous branding all over my $2,000+ purchase.

What is that supposed to be, anyways? A cloud? Seagulls as drawn by a child? Being overly ambiguous with a logo design for the sake of trying to be clever just makes it worthless.