Nokia Pilot product testing program goes live, registration opens

If you’re a regular reader of MobileCrunch, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve got a bit of a thing for mobile. Maybe hardware leaks make your heart pitter-patter – or perhaps its the services that swoon you? Either way, Nokia wants to hear from you.

Right as the sun cracked over the Western hills this morning, Nokia opened registration to their new Nokia Pilots test program. If you’re chosen for the gig, you might be given the opportunity to spend some time with devices before anyone else in exchange for a bit of feedback. According to the FAQ, Pilots won’t be paid (which probably means you don’t get to keep the toys, either), and they do mention that you might need to go under NDA at some point – if neither of those are deal breakers, here’s the sign up page.

[Via Symbian-Guru]