Windshield-mounted GPS units no longer outlawed in California

[Pic Source: Marcin Wichary]

Realizing that a little 6 inch obstruction on the windshield is probably a better solution than forcing people to take their eyes off the road, the State of California will once again allow windshield-mounted GPS units when the new year rolls through.

Taking a break from solving economic crises and fighting crime, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger put his penned blessing on the bill over the weekend. You can’t just go plopping your GPS unit wherever you want, however – as we understand it, you can stick it anywhere within 5-inches of the lower left corner of the windshield, or 7-inches of the lower right corner. Lower right corner? Does anybody actually do that?

Come January 1st, 2009 you’ll be free to roam without having to choose between getting lost and driving blind. Just don’t text at the same time.

[SFGate via Engadget]