AeroSpider: The remote-controlled car that drives up walls
Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy announced it will start selling the AeroSpider [JP], a radio-controlled car that can climb walls and drive on ceilings, on October 30 (availability outside Japan is unknown at this point).

Just like ordinary toy cars, the battery-powered AeroSpider can also be used on horizontal surfaces. But pushing a switch at the back of the car enables it to climb up any kind of wall that is hard and flat.

Takara Tomy placed a mini fan at its bottom that generates suction, which makes the car stick to vertical surfaces and prevent it from falling down from the ceiling. The user can be up to 2m away from the AeroSpider.

Takara Tomy sells the car for $45 and expects to ship 250,000 units by March next year. This shouldn’t be a problem, given they produced an awesome Japanese TV commercial for the thing (the video above).