All is right in the world: Transformers: Rise of the Fallen coming to IMAX

The Bay, that’s how we’re going to refer to Michael Bay from here on out, has announced that a handful of sequences from Transformers 2 will be shot with IMAX cameras. However, the rest of the movie will be re-mastered for IMAX, but those scenes will be seen in traditional letterbox. When the IMAX sequences come up the picture will fill the entire screen. The movie coming to IMAX is old news, but scenes being shot with IMAX cameras is new, in case you were wondering.

“The extraordinary level of detail and intensity captured by the IMAX camera creates many exciting possibilities for us with this film,” said Michael Bay, the film’s director. “IMAX’s all-encompassing format will take this story to a new level, and I am once again very excited to share The IMAX Experience with Transformers fans around the world.”

OMFG, Megan Fox in IMAX, OMFG!!! Mark your calendars for June 26, folks.