Lenovo to roll up Fujitsu/Siemens consumer PC business?

In one of these multi-part shuffles that characterize high-level business dealings, it looks as if Lenovo is going to be taking over the consumer PC part of the Fujitsu/Siemens joint venture. It seems Siemens has had enough and is selling its part to Fujitsu, and Fujitsu (not really loving the “end-user” market) will spin off that part of its PC business and sell it to whoever. “Whoever” in this case has been rumored to be Lenovo, as those guys have been making noises about “challenges” and acquisitions. If this goes down, it’ll strength Lenovo’s position even more; they’re already the biggest PC makers in China. Next, the world.

And why, you ask, is there a picture of a pretty girl at right? If you look really closely (and I encourage you to do so) you’ll find that the computer she is gently touching is a Fujitsu Siemens laptop. So it’s kinda related.

Update: Looks like Fujitsu is leaning up! Or down. Whichever way makes you more lean. They’re looking to spin off their hard drive bidness too. That means more action for Western Digital, who would probably be the buyer. I know people are divided on WD, but even if you don’t think their hard drives are reliable (NewEgg commenters are harsh), the company is at least driving the HDD industry to make bigger and better drives. So let ’em grow.